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i am joey noname... i like short walks on the beach and semi-melted ice cream.. i like when the wind blows through my spring jackets and makes it look like i have somewhat of a cape on... and i like when it blows through my hair but not when it knocks my cap off.. .err.. anywayz..
i've been keeping herps for 3-4 yrs.. but catching them since i was a small kid..
i currently have...

1.1 Amazon Tree boas (i am hoping the female is gravid..)
2.0 Crested Geckos (bring on the ladies...)
1.2.2 cornsnakes..
0.1 savannah monitor
1.0 kenyan sandboa
1.0 columbian rainbow boa
1.0 ball python
1.0 tokay gecko
0.1 black rat snake (yes.. i do have a permit)
1.0 yellow anaconda
1.0 brown anole
1.0 Coastal Carpet (thanks dom)
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