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Fur is about the only fiber in a snakes diet.
I've read somwhere that fur is the worst thing to digest and I king of agree with. I often find poo that's mostly fur and some of my snake like white-lipped python don't even digest it, they trow up some fur ball after almost every meal. Don't know if feather is as hard to digest as fur? Anyone know?

The thing I would worry with chiken legs is the size of the bone in the compare to the bone of a rat the same size (same size of the chiken legs). Could it be to big to not be digested completly and stuck somewhere in the digestive track? I think whole chicken would be way better but my probleme would be availlability, if the snake devellope a specific taste for chicken, I'm not sure there's lots of farm around here that sell them, it'ld be a long drive to go get them.
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