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Get to know your OTTAWA and area herpers!

Hey ..

I see a few more ppl from this area .. so basically just seing who these ppl are! .. Post your collection a bit about yourself.. Pics maybe?

Well I'm dom .. been keeping herps for about 5 years now .. maybe a bit more.. my main passions are pythons and monitors..

I keep the following..

1.2 coastal carpets
1.1 Jungle carpets
1.0 Irian Java carpets
1.1 African rocks
1.1 Colombian boas
2.0 Snow bulls
1.0 Savana monitor
0.0.1 Mexican red nee tarantula..

I have worked for 2 1/2 years and still work at Little Rays .. kept many different species but ended up keep only the animals I trully love - main reason . I have no room lol 90% of all my animals are adults except my last year babies..

This year I am breeding my coastals.. (one just ovulated) .. my jungles (still breeding) .. my rock soon .. considering the boas.. might sell ..

Anywho .. always nice to know about ppl in the area

take care

View my gallery for pics .. I have tons and many more to come
1.3 Coastals 6.6 Jungles
3.4 West Papuan 1.0 Bred'ls
1.1 Yellow condas 0.1 Sebea

**looking for female Bredl's python**
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