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Hey Katt, there is a need for herp only vets:-) You'd need to move to southern Ontario where there is a bigger market though.

Two good points I wanted to comment on:

Suckrpunch's experience isn't isolated. Lots of people find that things they really enjoy as a hobby, or even as a money-making sideline, become drudgery to them when done on a full-time basis. Zoology related jobs are no different. Personally, I couldn't imagine working as a lab tech doing the same protocols every day, even if the specimens came from interesting life forms!

And although I can't work that way, I know people who have followed reverendsterlin's approach- make some decent money, and you can spend more time on the hobbies you like! Just watch that you don't get so hung up on making more money (or that your lifestyle doesn't balloon so much that it requires it) or you'll end up with no hobbies at all:-)

Sometimes a hobby is better left as a hobby.

And although my experience is somewhat out of date, I'd also agree strongly with Sairys- if you can get through the high school math, you'll be able to get through the university stuff required for the biological sciences! High school calculus was much harder than that required in first year university.

Consider spending some time volunteering with people who work in the fields you are interested in, and see what it is like. Realize though, that you likely won't see everything, just the highlights!

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