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The garter is always an option, they don't handle well usually but love water and eat fish. African and American Sand boas and the rubber boas make great pets and are not expensive, though may be hard to find a rubber in Canada. African House Snakes are nearly as simple as corns to keep, and the kings and milks have been mentioned. Pines and Bulls make great pets and usually have a little weight advantage over corns. Indigos are great but like the Mandrin are spendy. Rainbows are beautiful as are bloods but they need more specific environments. Look at a pic of a leutistic (sp?) texas ratsnake. The giant madagasscar hognose is another. There are lots of that aren't usually considered when folks ask about first snakes because they just aren't as common and fewer folks are familiar with them. For feeders buy frozen, a mouse may be cute but a mouscicle just doesn't register that way.