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When my dad went to Poland this year to visit family, he checked out a herp store and he actaully caught them on feeding day. The stores display snakes were being fed chucnks of meat ( adult snakes whos diet was this all their life pretty much ) and were doing really well. I dont know much more about this because my old man really can careless about animals in general. We cannot say "chicken is bad because snakes need fur" because in the wild, a snakes diet consists of more then just rodents, and in some cases, not many rodents at all. Sure, the nutritional value of rats and mice maybe 'better' to our knowledge. We only tend to look at values of calium, protein, and a few other well known values and sometimes over look the trace elements that may be found in the meat which may be far more beneficial to a reptile. Now I dont know anythin' about nutrional values, nor do I know nothin' more then the fact that I only used to feed my snakes mice and rats. And yes, I have fed a fish to a few snakes before ( for all you people who think fish isn't a good feeder, kept my snakes fed and alive ). I'm jsut statin' some information that I DO know.

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