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rotties are a tough breed, we had a 120 pound female, she was a really great dog... when our house got robbed, she let the theif in, but he couldn't get out, we were rentin' out the top floor of our house and one of the people who lived upstairs called the cops and the cops walked in on the theif a few minutes later. she unfortunately died due to cancer at the age of 8 but she'll never be forgotten.

Back to the topic of snake theft... I would definetely say it was someone you knew or knew what oyu had in da house. If you found normal females lying around and yet everythin' else was taken, then someone knew what they were doin' for sure. i dont know who this guy is who got robbed, but i would run a finger print check on everyone i could possibly find in that area who owns reptiles. however, a robbery like this could drive a person to come from a distance due to the type of aniamsl stolen. so whether its a local theif or out of town folk, its hard to say.

best of luck on catchin' the theif or theives.
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