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I'm in almost the same boat as you. Difference is I'm 26, went to a tech/trade school after taking a year off after high school (i dont recomend the year off btw) and got a degree in computer networking. After only 2 years or so working in the field I had to quit. I loved what I was doing only as a hobby.. when deadlines, rules and restrictions, authority, and politics became involved, I hated it. Now I'm working retail trying to figure out what it is I wanna do with the rest of my life. I'm starting back to school again in march and have no idea what i'm going to be taking. I would love animal research or biology but I suck at math.. so something I'm leaning to is Natural Resources jobs (i'm in the states.. i'm assuming theres similar up there) .. anyways.. I'm rambling..

Good luck with whatever you do..

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