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Question career posibilities?

Need some help from anyone lol
Well i was talking with my sister today and we were just talking bout how i need to start trying in schoool (high school) because with good marks, obviously, you can get into any university you want and do whatever you want. We got onto the subject that i should start making goals but I just feel so lost because i have no idea what i want to do. She told me that i need to make sure that i get a job that when i wake up in the morning im happy to go to work, which in most cases isnt true for some people. I know myself, and i know there is no way that i can go to a job i dont like.

So then i started thinking about my passion for reptiles and the fact that i would absolutly LOVE a job that covers reptiles, aniamls, anything like that. My main problem is that im **** at math and to get into zoology or pretty much any sciences requires crazzzy math. Basically im lost and need an answer, if anyone can, as to what i should start thinking about if i want to get a job that has anything to do with animals, reptiles in particular, without needing math. I figured there are a lot of older people here that know a bit about real life (btw im 16) and what you need to do what.

My dream job, no joke, would just to live in australia and study animal life there. Things like watching population growth, health of ecosystems, etc. What job would have something to do with that.

thanks for reading my post
any answers/thoughts would be a real help!

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