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Originally posted by SerpentLust
I've always been confused with something about heatpads...You have the heatpad on the bottom of, for now, we'll say an aquarium. It sticks to the bottom and you plug it in, most safely to a dimmer. Then you have your thermometer on the tank (I'm mostly talking about people who don't buy the thermometers with the probes) like I'm talking about the one that sticks to the back of your tank and is circular (like the zoomed precision analog reptile thermometer)....does that really accurately tell you the temperature? You have no way of knowing exactly how hot the belly area of the tank is. Whereas with the red bulb, it IS giving off Ambient heat and that's what those thermometers are measuring!
Jenn, you don't have to stick the analog thermometer to the side of the tank. I just have mine resting somewhere on the heat pad itself (inside the tank), right where the snake would be lying, and can fairly accurately measure the temp that way (I realize that they can be up to 5 degrees off, but I still think its a pretty good way to tell what temp the snake is feeling when he/she lies in that same place).
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