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Sorry, some things I need to clear up before I also put this thread on the ignore list.

Gino - LOL, thanks.. sure, butter me up with niceities so I don't flip out again, hehehehe

On that note, I do apologize to you (publicly) for flying off the handle. I'm a very defensive person, and when I feel I'm being accused of being a liar or a bad keeper, well... my eyes turn red, horns sprout out, and I start sounding like Linda Blair in the Exorcist.

That said:

1) I don't keep ball pythons OR rainbow boas in the heated room, Jeff. I know better. However, my boa constrictors digest and poop on exactly the same schedule as when I had them on a gradient, and they NEVER used the cool side, which was around 78 degrees, so don't tell me it was too cool.

2) I never said I keep them at exactly 84F. Someone else put that word in my mouth. I said the daytime temp ranges from 80 to 84. Meaning 84 is the highest temperature I've ever recorded in here. Most of the time it stays around 82.

3) I'm still needing to re-emphasize, apparently, that I do not have adults of any kind in the heated room. It is mostly baby corns, and boa constrictos, which all do QUITE well at a constant warm temperature. Once they reach a year or two old (depending on species), they come out of the rubbermaids and into custom enclosures.

So, we agree to disagree. Now I'd like to move on to much more interesting things.
- Ken LePage
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