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But, Jeff, from what I have seen, you like to defend your beliefs greatly which is good, you believe in them. But, you have to admit, that people have been breeding reptiles for 25 years, and so many do it differently than you or I do.
I would much rather defend my beliefs greatly than to have no beliefs or experiences at all. But I didn't really defend anything vehimently here. I didn't swear, yell, insult, etc etc, so I wouldn't say I defended more greatly than other involved. If anything, I held back.

Yes, people do it differently, and as well they should (different climates, different ambient room temps, different cities, etc etc), but the mechanisms and thoughts behind the processes are the same. The animals don't change. They have specific requirements and that's it. There are many ways to acheive this, but it must be acheived if success is desired. And if certain temperatures are required to complete life events are different than 84F, then its not hard to see that........... well, you get the idea.

I gotta bail on this thread though, sorry guys. Nothing new is coming up or being discussed, only some people saying "well some breeders do it" and others saying "who are these secret breeders and/or just because you breed them doesn't mean that its resulting in healthy animals" etc etc. Its just not helping anyone at this point. You can tell me that you know a a MILLION breeders that just use ambient 84F and that's fine. Each successive time you tell me does not add to the affect. You know, zero times zero is STILL zero. And I can say that a million breeders DO give gradients, and that's likely to not have an effect on you guys either. Doesn't matter. You keeping your animals at 84F has no affect on MY breeding success or failure. I am in control of that (thank god). I just worry about animals kept in a suspect way due to misguided advice given or laziness. But I can't bend over backwards trying to explain why that is. All I know is that I at least tried to give your animals a better lifestyle, that is all.

All I know (for sake of arguement) is that snakes ACTIVELY CHOOSE different temperatures in the wild and in captivity ALL the time. Therefore, it would behoove us to allow them to do just that. If you don't, in my opinion, you are not giving that animal the best care possible. And I'd hate to think of people doing that.
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