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Haha, my dogs(yellow and chocolate lab) used to be pro at retrieving those floating dummies out of the water when you throw them. We have taken them to competitions but always got like 4th place or something. Well one competition day, it was the dog before our's turn, and our dog was not on leash(none of the dogs were cause they were well behaved) and our dog ran out into the middle of the field between the water and the dog going for the dummy and took a dump right in the dogs path. He then went and brought the dummy back to another person across the pond. I was like OMG. People were laughing like crazy. My other dog(this pond(dugout) was like a field then in the middle a steep hill to the water) was going to be going to get it(the dummy) and so it was trown. He ran all the way to the top of the hill and took a dump and came back to us(without the dummy). The anouncer dude said we should try again. This was a competition between some of my dads coworkers and their friends so they gave us another chance. Anyways, we tried it again and amazingly, he had enough poo to do it again. he runs out to aproximately the same location(about 6ft away) and takes a dump and comes back to us. By this time people were laughing their @$$ off. Anyways, we never entered either into a competition again. Even at our acreage before entering one of the ponds or just after exiting the remaining one(chocolate lab, the yellow was put down due to bone cancer, his hip was bigger than my dads and my dad is not a small guy) still takes a dump. The yellow did a few times aswell. It was really strange.
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