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Too Busy.

Hello everyone, thought I'd write about a few things that happened this week. Well all week we were at the Airport shipping animals and recieving them. It was a very busy week. The week was bad and good. The bad news was that tonight while at the airport we lost a dwarf retic in our car!!! I can't beleive it. We had her out of her bag to take a look at her. And when we got to the airport, we had boxes to carry and with all the comotion, one of us forgot to tie the bag. When we were done with the shipment and got back to the car we realized the bag was open!!! Man I wanted to kick myself for that. Luckily it never left the car, but I tore the car apart and still cannot find it. It's really thin so it could have gone in any holes in the car's interior. We were suppose to meet up with "Sunrunner to deliver it . Sorry about that. I spent hours looking for it. Well I hope it pops out someday and bites me while I'm driving for being so irresponsble.
Anyways, on to the good things. We had some very good dealings with a few people this week and picked up a few animals. We had a chance to make a trade with Zoe for our little blood and her ball python. Things worked out good and it was nice to meet you Zoe, thanks. Also we had a chance to meet and buy 3 female ball pythons from Mr. Woods. Corey is very nice to do business with and his female balls will be great additions to our ball python projects. Thank you Corey. And also we purchased a female ball and some Chameleons from David Kwok. David was also nice to do business with. The transaction went really well, he even sent the animals on the airplane before We had the chance to wire the money to him. He said not to worry, he trusted us.
To conclude this I would like to thank all 3 people and hope we could do business again later down the road. I would also like to add that I am deeply impressed by David and Corey with how they conducted their business. I was'nt quite sure of them before,when I read their post of each other. But now I would gladly do business with both of them in the future. We feel that they are both great guys and recommend them to anyone.
Woah this is getting long, I better go check the car again.
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