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When I first got my dogs, they hadn't quite gotten the hang of being well behaved indoor dogs (they'd only lived in a kennel before.) Stupidly, I trusted them on their own and went out for a few hours.
When I returned, it looked like a tornado had ripped through the appartment. All the cans from the recycling were pulled out of the cupboard and chewed up, and the garbage was thoroughly spread across the floor. There was an empty bag of potatoes (that HAD been full) and my female was frothing at the mouth. Then I realized that the male was nowhere to be seen. When I called him there was a series of thumps, then he came thundering out of the cupboard!!! He's been in there with the doors closed!! Not only that, but he was frothing at the mouth too...turns out they'd gotten into the laundry soap!!!
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