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Originally posted by ~Suntiger~
I'm not sure what your dog is, but I'm no expert!! I got my kelpies (which are dingo/cattledog, Rob! lol) in a round about way. A relative of someone I know used to have a kennel company where he bred them, but when his kennel ended up closing had to get rid of them. As soon as I saw them I fell in love, and they became part of the family. I was told that he'd imported them from Texas originally.

BTW, they are not fixed and I am planning on breeding them!!
Just out of curiousity, they aren't a recognised breed, correct? If they came from the same kennel and aren't papered and you plan on breeding, how can you be sure that you have the best situation, genetically, for breeding? I'm just curious so please don't take any offense to my questions. Breeding tends to be a sensitive subject in a lot of cases........
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