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Totally Ron. The thing is, breeding and gestating is but ONE life event that requires different temperatures than 84F. I know, I've temp gunned all the ranges and all the events. I have Ball Pythons that will go to 94-96F after a big meal. How would 84F help them then? Same with my Rainbows. They're boas. I feed them HUGE meals sometimes, and they will consistantly cruise over to the 92F spot. Yet, before follicular development, I've found them to seek out 77-81F. How the heck can I accomplish any of this in a room that's 84F? I can't. And to me, just keeping a few boas alive that could basically live in any condition thrown at them isn't enough. I want recruitment, and I want fast, healthy growth with no snags. And the only way I can accomplish that is.....
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