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Well said Mykee (as usual)!

I'm not telling you that you are wrong either Ken, I'm just asking that with your method (and "lots" of other "big" breeders) how you're going to go about accomplishing specific life events without a gradient. and I have yet to hear you answer that. So I assume that it can't be done with your method. And if it can't be done with your method, I would them deem that method to be inferior (by default). Wouldnt' you agree? All I want to know is how you're going to gestate gravid or soon-to-be gravid pythons and boas with no heat gradient. That is a completely natural life event that happens with pretty much 95% of my adult stock. Without a heat gradient, I'd be surprised to see more than slugs, preemies, and stills.

But you seem to know your method pretty well and having your "ear to the ground" on the non-gradient scene, I figure it would be a cinch for you to tell me how to do it. You see I am VERY interested to know. If you can save me electricity, thus decreasing my overhead, then that's going to help me. I don't care if you don't have gravid pythons or boas. All I care about is how you're going to accomplish or how the "big breeders" you say can accomplish, gestating snakes and breeding them with no gradient. I find it very intriguing is all.

That's all I want to know.

Well, that AND why isn't every single snake that has access to 84F in the wild at that tempreature 24/7. I mean if its the ideal temp., and they have access to it 24 hours a day, why do they NOT always choose to be at that temp? That doesn't make sense. And while we're at it, why the arbitrary value of 84F? Why not 86F? Why not 83F? What's SO magical about 84F?

Its funny because you always call people arrogant or elitists when they don't agree with your crazymethods, yet you seem to think you can tell an animal that has evolved for thousands of years to exploit different temperature ranges to just be at one pre-determined magical temperature. THAT is way more arrogant than someone explaing their proven methods of husbandry.

However, more and more people are coming forth and saying that they also either have, or know many huge scale breeders who have, done the same. When is it going to be enough proof for you?
Ummm..yeah, they're coming out of the woodwork so fast my head is spinning! Huh? Grant VG is the only one who said anything remotely close to that since you posted, so I don't see all these breeders coming forth. It would be nice if they did. Because then maybe we could get some detailed insight into how it works, the pros/cons, the ins and outs, etc etc. You know, the TANGIBLE stuff. Not just rhetoric and jibber-jabber.

Is any of this even worth arguing anymore? I mean, on the one hand, I don't want newbees thinking they can just stick a 100W bulb in a 5-foot high cage and stick a baby boa in it, and think everything is hunky-dory just because the cage is 84F. But on the other hand, not much more is being learned by anyone here, and its pretty much the same stuff being bantered around, without the questions actually being answered. I don't know. I just wish it was more of an open discussion without the slander and profanity. That might have just scared a few people off who would have otherwise posted and contributed.


The Gradient One.........

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