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~suntiger~ will have some explaining to do, lol. She told me her dogs were mixed dingo and australian cattle dog. I also beleive they were rescue dogs but I'll let her confirm that.
As I understand it, that's basically what Aussie Kelpies are(or how they were first bred anyways). It's funny, alot of people comment that she looks kind of "Coyote-ish" too. She's a fairly small dog, sometimes people will ask "How big will she get when she grows up...?" Ummm, she's 6 years old, I think she finished by now... When I first got her I thought she was part German Shepherd, so maybe that's why people think she'll get bigger(she's about 1/2 the size of a GS). If you look at her compared with a GS though, I don't really see a similarity.
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