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Ok Inviticus, you are taking this thread way to personally. And your attitude is pathetic enough to start name calling, which is fine.

So Gino, what you're telling me is, there is absolutely no way to prove that a snake is healthy due to its behavior? (And by this I mean more than temperament, so don't even try to ram that down my throat again.) Wow, talk about being uninformed. And by the way, you can keep your pompous, sarcastic "mind reading" comments to yourself.
Nope. Behaviour can be a sign of good health, but should never be used as a method of doing so. But if this is how you control your husbandry then so be it. From what I see, if your snakes don't jump up and tell you they are sick, bleed from their nostrils, etc etc, they are ok. Thats fine. But behaviour isn't a shouldn't be used as a method of determining health. It could be a guidline, not a method. But again, you will do what you want to, and I am uninformed.

You're already coming across as an elitist know-it-all snob, so please don't exasperate the situation with your frankly petty comments.
Thats fine. Thats your opinion, which means nothing to me. I would sink to your level of name calling, but we wont go there.

Jeff - I would like to re-emphasize for about the fifth time that I DO NOT HAVE ADULT PYTHONS OR BREEDING PAIRS OF ANY KIND IN MY HEATED ROOM. I am well aware of their additional requirements during breeding time, and would fully provide that for them. I really don't know why I have to keep repeating myself in these posts just to get a point across.
Sorry if he has mentioned any of this, but I haven't read his responses yet. So I look at that statement, and I now have figured out your attitude. You know what measures they live under in nature, and what they are accustomed too, but this is only important when breeding. Fair enough. At any other point it just doesn't matter whether or not they are under proper conditions. On a little side note, I think what Jeff was trying to get at was if they NEED those requirements for breeding, why wouldn't they need them at any other time?

And you're still yet to prove to me that you've succesfully used a heat gradient. I mean, since you're not a mind reader and I apparently am, how do YOU know that your snakes are being kept well?
What I know is the conditions they are native to. And I also know they have lived and evolved under these conditions for ages. And I match these conditions. I do not know what you would like me to say?

Or are you afraid to look like a complete a$$ when I show you that my snakes exhibit the exact same indicators of being in good health?
The only one looking like a complete *** here is you. I find this an awesome subject to debate, but you seem the feel the need to throw derogative comments and name call. But apparantly you aren't afraid to portray yourself in that manner. I do believe there signs indicating good health, but even with the presence of these indicators there is a chance of illness. But if to you, behaviour is the only dictator of health, then thats fine.

So either answer this question, or get off my back Gino. This is 6 FRICKEN PAGES that you have been dodging the question now. And don't give me any crap about "the proof is in the pudding", because when I say that, it's apparently not good enough for you. Other people who have posted that they have used heated rooms with success, and others who know other who have successfully used heated rooms is not good enough for you. What this proves is, you have no interest whatsoever in "the proof is in the pudding". All you are interested in is who agrees with you and who doesn't. Now answer the damn question, because I'm getting really bored with your know-it-all posts that contain no factual information, and are full of nothing but self-contradictory remarks.
What do you not get in what I am explaining to you. I thought my analogy stated my point clearly. I will say it once more for you. I can live off lettuce for a long time, but that doesn't mean I am in good health. If you don't understand, I will explain a little more. Just because a snake breeds and eats, it doesn't necessarily mean they are under proper conditions. Thats all I am saying.

All you are interested in is who agrees with you and who doesn't. Now answer the damn question, because I'm getting really bored with your know-it-all posts that contain no factual information, and are full of nothing but self-contradictory remarks
LOL! Ok man. I would like to know where all your factual information is. Me providing nature as my proof is twelve times better then you telling me that people breed snakes under these conditions. Please show where I am self-contradictory.

Again, and one more time for you, here is all I am trying to say: JUST BECAUSE PEOPLE HAVE BRED SNAKES UNDER THESE CONDITIONS, THAT DOES NOT MEAN IT IS OK. Afterall, I can raise an adult bearded dragon in a five gallon aquarium. I might even be able to get him to breed. Does that make it ok?

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