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beardie setups are simple. heat light, uv bulb water dish and something to sit on.. thats not complicated!!
They are alot more work than a Ball would be. The first year of a Beardie's life, especially. They eat ALOT of pinhead crickets when they are small(up to 2 dozen PLUS a day!), and the food bill for those are through the roof compared to a mouse every week or two.

I went out and started a breeding colony of my own instead of paying 10 bucks a week for his crix, I spent 40 bucks to breed my own. Over the long run that saves you qutie a bit of money(I bred enought to sell to friends, which offset the cost as well), but then you have to put up with loose crickets in the house, cleaning and maintaining crickets, AND feeding the Dragon. I didn't mind it, but it took me longer to take care of one Dragon, than it does for me to take care of the 12 snakes I have right now.

They are fun little critters though. After all, who couldn't love this face...?

Hats off to all the BD breeders, out there, I can only imagine how much work goes into it!
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