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Your right on the money Marisa, I guess thats why they invented heat tape and the such. To give whats best for the animals which is a temp grad. I guess that idea is crap eh.
And, once again Josh, I never once said, implied, or even hinted at a gradient being a bad idea, so please just grow up, and while you're at it, learn the difference between your and you're. I learned it in grade 2.

See, that was kind of a cheap shot, wasn't it? Now you see how you are looking with silly comments like the one quoted above.

This is the difference with our standpoints - I'm not telling you that you are wrong, because you're not. And if I did feel that you were wrong, I would take the responsibility of proving it to you... something that neither you, nor anyone else here, has done thus far. However, more and more people are coming forth and saying that they also either have, or know many huge scale breeders who have, done the same. When is it going to be enough proof for you?
- Ken LePage
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