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Jeff - I would like to re-emphasize for about the fifth time that I DO NOT HAVE ADULT PYTHONS OR BREEDING PAIRS OF ANY KIND IN MY HEATED ROOM. I am well aware of their additional requirements during breeding time, and would fully provide that for them. I really don't know why I have to keep repeating myself in these posts just to get a point across.
Ok, so now it changes. During breeding time, NOW you give them the choice of extra heat. This is new. We are progressing. But every so slowly.....

I'd like to also add that recognize that pythons seem to be the only species that I know of that literally requires a thermal gradient during breeding time - I know many people who breed colubrids in constant-temp rooms, as well as boa constrictors.
Ken boas ARE pythons man (basically). The "can" gestate at 84F but its not advisable. Temp gun a gravid boa in ANY collection of ANY breeder worth his/her salt in N. America, and it won't be 84F. Before follicular development maybe. But when its gravid. I think Marshell temp-gunned some of his at 90F last year. I've had the Rainbows at 92F (2000, and 2001)!! And they are supposedly cold-loving!

And this is the root of the problem. You are making assumptions and guess based on what others have told you, without first doing it yourself. I find that dangerous and I hope no newcomers to the hobby are going to follow your husbandry methods.

Jeff F- Dont Diamonds also Shiver around clutches to regulate temps like burms do?? I got to see a burm coiled around a clutch and it was such a cool site!
ALL pythons coil, some shiver. But I don't think any raise the temps as high as a Burm could. Maybe Retics and Rocks, but I doubt it. They are from such hot areas anyways. And even a Burm is going to have a hard time raising the heat from 84F to 89-91F.
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