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It's not that wierd but i find it funny and can sit and do it forever. for some reason it makes me chuckle.

A few of my leos do this Lucky, Speedball, and Domino. When i have them out and their all nice and cozy i will start "rubbing" (petting whichever word you want to put there) them i'll slowly make my way to thier head (i don't want to startle them to fast) I will start to rub the side of their mouths and they do this VERY slow open mouth i'm gonna bite you, but i can't quite reach thing. Kinda like if you tried biting your ear right now. Go on try it, it's fun.(lol) It's quite hillarious to me.

Other than that the cat upstairs is COMPLETLY in control of the WHOLE entire house, even by boyfriend that hates most mammals. If you don't do exaclty what the cat wants he will give you an earfull!!! If he's standing at the gate leading in to the kitchen he will give one polite meow, but if you don't answer his call the first time, boy you'll never hear the end of it. And forget about water in the bowl, he has to have the bathroom sink water. He will stand in front of the bathroom door and "yell" until someone opens the door and turns on the sink, and your damned if you try to help him out. Btw the cat is somewhere around 13-14 years old.
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