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I always miss all of the big debates. I have considered both methods of heating for my animals many times and always came back to the same conclusion, that it would be in my best interest to try and simulate the conditions they would have in the wild. Now in the wild you are going to have all sorts of different temp gradients (Shade,burrows,direct sun,leaf litter,etc). I do apologize if I say a few thing that may have already been said but I could only skim this whole thread. Anyways, snakes will seek out the temp they require for the task at hand. The most apparent example being BASKING. This behavour is used for getting ready go hunting for food, (Heat=Energy) digestion, and this is just a couple of reasons. In the wild they have alot of different temps to chose from so why would I just give them one.. I know ambiant heating will work but I feel it limits the animals natural instincts and may affect future breeding attempts. I don't know what my animals are thinking so I leave it up to them to decide what they would like...

Jeff F- Don't Diamonds also Shiver around clutches to regulate temps like burms do?? I got to see a burm coiled around a clutch and it was such a cool site!

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