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"you dodge and dodge, but still can't prove a damn thing"

And neither can you, Josh, so back off. I have not dodged a single thing. You have presented challenges to me, and I have answered them directly. You can't prove that my snakes are not comfortable. I can't prove that they are according to you, Gino, and Jeff. Here's the fact: Ectotherms thermoregulate in the wild in order to maintain a CONSTANT temperature. Each reptile has what is called a PBT - Preferred Body Temperature. By providing a constant temperature for them, I am eliminating their need to use their environment to achieve their PBT (which by the way, is usually between 80 and 84 degrees for about 90% of all snakes.) They regulate in the wild because of extremes - 110 degree sunlight, or a 65 degree rainy day. None of those extremes exist in my heated room, so no regulation is required for them.

Marisa - You're right - I am talking about general care. And as I mentioned, I do not have any breeding pairs of anything in this room. They are all babies. I'd like to also add that recognize that pythons seem to be the only species that I know of that literally requires a thermal gradient during breeding time - I know many people who breed colubrids in constant-temp rooms, as well as boa constrictors. But it's irrelevant to me and to this debate anyway - all of my adult and sub-adult boas and pythons do have a gradient available to them, because they are all in custom enclosures which have a hot and a cool side.
- Ken LePage
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