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Things have calmed down it seems!

There is something very stupid going on here. Favelle and I are talking about keeping snakes and being successful in all their behaviours with gradients...i.e. Favelle and I have been constesting that anyone can breed pythons and boas without gradient.

You are talking about general care. Yet still insisting we tell you how you are harming your animals. But we can't, because you aren't. I mentioned like half a dozen times I agreed with that. MY Point is you will won't have BREEDING success with those animals at a constant 84...or 86 or whatever. I have said that over and over yet you just keep SCREAMING back "HOW AM I HARMING THEM" like some sort of machine I put a 25 cent piece in.

So clearly none of us can have this debate anymore. Ken is talking about husbandry and general health success. Favelle, and I were talking about overall breeding success. Obviously two different things. Ken could keep his snakes in a non gradient forever, but for those of us trying to breed it won't work. I don't think EITHER side can argue that.

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