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Oh, and although I don't use sand except for sand boas, I assume you are informed about Calci-Sand, which is calcium carbonate and is completely digestible???

Just so you know, Calci Sand has the same ingrdients as TUMS and ROLAIDS, which NUTRALISES stomach acid.. so no it isn't digestable. If you want proof, well the AFT I bought Saturday (who was kept on the calci sand) ate Sat / Sun / Monday and no poop. Finally on Tuesday he DID poop, and it was FULL of this so called digestible sand. so was the poop he had on Thursday.. a little less but only because the store only had him for 4 days before I bought him, so he probably didn't ingest as much as he could have say if they had him on it for months. I went to the shop yesterday and told the guy who is in charge of the reptiles this, and he was all like, oh, I didn't know that... and then changed the substrate.. so no personally because of what I have seen, Calci Sand is NOT digestable and SHOULD NOT be used...

As for Balls in aquariums, Well 8ball has been in a 3 foot tank since we had him, with a screen lid. I have duct tape over part of it to keep in the humidity. I don't EVER have to spray except when he is shedding and even then, I didn't spray him and the shed was perfect. I haven't had to do anything more to his cage or him to render it "more complicated" so for me personally, from my experience, that isn't an accurate statement either. maybe initially it may take more time to adjust, BUT your tank should be ready before your snake arrives anyway so you take the time you need to make it work. I don't have to pay any more attention to my ball's encloisure as I do to say My leo's, who by the way I never worry about... but this is just my personal experience again...
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