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You missed my point entirely, I have no interest in trying to debate each one of those examples I gave simultaneously, especially in a thread that has been off the rails for at least 3 pages. I'll let someone else dust off those old debates, I've heard what most people will have to say on those subjects anyway.

The point I was trying to make before you got distracted by my examples was that there is a population of members here that have married themselves to current popular husbandry methods and are awful quick to jump on anyone that even wants to discuss anything different.

I wish that the people who think the art of snake husbandry has been perfected would have a look at what the "experts" were saying just 10 years ago or for a bigger laugh 20 years ago. Do you think there were people around then that clung to some of the stuff we know now to be nonsense? I'll bet there were.

Point is that the popular methods have evolved greatly in the last 20 -30 years and will continue to evolve in the future so it would be smart to consider that any of the stuff people preach now could very well be out of fashion 10 years from now, even if those preaching have made a couple of snakes hump a few times.

Breeding snakes can make you money, it can make you popular on this website, it can make people believe what you have to say but it can't make your beliefs infallible.
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