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Jeff, I know that is the case with many coloubrids. That is why I clearly said:

This one may also be argued against in certain cases, however for the most part why house snakes together? Because we can't afford separate enclosures
I am aware coloubrid keepers and the like may house certain species together, as there may be certain benefits. However, there is absolutely no reason to house two boa constrictors, nor two ball pythons together, for example.

I keep lots of snakes in aquariums, including ball pythons! At small sizes, rubbermaids are great, but when you're talking about 3'-4' long units, I don't find them especially useful or readily available.
Read the posts a little more carefull man! We were clearly making a reference to the use of aquariums for ball pythons. And I also clearly said aquariums can be used, however it is much more work.

Oh, and although I don't use sand except for sand boas, I assume you are informed about Calci-Sand, which is calcium carbonate and is completely digestible???
You actually think that works? Mimic the acid (hydrochloric acid) in your snakes stomache, put some of that stuff in, and tell me your results. Mine didn't fair so well.

My reference to the informed and misinformed was clearly separated where it should have been.
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