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my little chihuahua/rat terrier mix will continusly lick the inside of my other dogs eat (the dashhound/lhaso apso mix), and if we let her she would do it for

And if you point at my cat and say "you" in a stern voice she will kind of lower her head, squint her eyes and meow.

it's not really weird, but I had a pet duck that imprinted on me.
And he would follow me absolutely everywhere.
If I went somewhere, like up the stairs and he couldn't get to me, he would sit down there pacing back and forth the length of the stairs quacking hystericly until I came and picked him up.......

Then (because we are in city limits) we had to take him somewhere, to a place that had a fenced in pond and duck houses (dog houses). When I put him down in there and walked away it was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do, he ran for me and stuck his little head out the fence and started "crying" for me.......... it still makes me cry to think about it....
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