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Originally posted by Jeff_Favelle
Better yet, please tell me how you'd gestate a gravid Indo or Aussie Python or a gravid boa at a constant 84F? I'm curious. Because if you've ever kept a gravid one with a CHOICE of temperatures, and then TEMP-GUNNED it, you'd know that it WASN'T 84F. So if you're method if fool-proof, how exactly would one gestate these snakes without a gradient. I'm very curious. Because if you can save me money on electricity, I'm all for it.

Wonder if my monitors would like to just live at 84F? They're like snakes.

You agree with Ken that established breeders are apprehensive to try new methods (NOT true) or you agree with Ken that keeping snakes at a constant temperature is a good husbandry practice. Wasn't really clear in your post.
I dont agree that keeping snakes in a constant temperature is a good husbandry practice. No one can tell you that except the snake itself. All im saying is that a snake can and will thrive in a heated room with no other source of heat. Many local breeders here in kentucky use heated rooms for there snakes with much success. Like i said before, this is not pertaining to breeding at all.

I find it funny that you bring up the point about mimicing the snakes natrual habitat. I guess throwing BRB;s for instance in 50gal rubbermaid is pretty close to the habitat in which they live in the wild. No waterfalls , trees, or anything close to what they live in the wild.

You say we should at least try to mimic the natrual habitat in which a snake lives but a small cage along with dead prey and everything eles that comes with caring for a snake is pretty much off from their natrual habitat. If we can put snakes in these conditions with them thriving then who is to say we cant change the temps and have them thrive as well?

Is there a limit to what we can do to these animals in captivity or is this not yet proven? I belive it hasnt been proven so go ahead and quote me on this again but untill you show me some solid evidence that this isnt true i will continue to stick with what i think.

You also talk about how someone can put you in jail and you wont be living happily but you will live. Do you think snakes like to live in the small cages we put them in or is this not true? Dont say captive breeds would'nt know any difrence because if that were true then they also wouldnt care about the temp changes as well.
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