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Mousakilla, I hardely find those causes for 'cliques.' In that case, there is the informed and uninformed. Aside from live feeding, housing snakes together, keeping a BP in an aquarium, venomoids, and the use of sand substrate with certain reptiles are deemed wrong for a reason. The informed understand this, the uninformed don't. For the obvious reasons, and I am sure it doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand them, snakes should not be housed together. It is so obvious I wont even explain why. Venomoids, obvious too. Unless of course you support the brutality of innocent creatures just so someone can be a tough guy and freehandle a 'hot.' I guess, if you don't mind the butchering of animals, you can argue against that too. Now, keeping BP's in aquariums is by all means possible. However, it is much more difficult and requires much more work to do so. These are proven facts. So I don't think it would be fair to say NOT to use aquariums for them, just that there are PROVEN better and easier ways. Now sand, again, should not be used. Sure, you can take the risk, thats your choice. I am tempted to say again that the informed would not use sand, and the uninformed would. In this case, however, there could be some points argued. Personally, I say it is not worth the risk. Thats how I look at it. None of these have anything to do with cliques, groups of people, groups of beliefs, etc. They have to do with proven facts. It is proven that sand causes impactions, and is obviously not digestable. It is proven bearded dragons, despite what everyone thinks, do NOT live on sand. It is a known fact that venomoid surgeries are done mostly by non-professional veterinarian wanna be's. And for that case in particular, I see absolutely no reason to butcher the animal. I am sure there are other points to argue but I have 0 experience in the venomous fieled. It is a proven fact that rubbermaids hold humidity better then an aquarium with a screen lid. In a lot of the cases, it has to do with whats right and whats wrong. From my perspective, I cannot see why anyone would WANT to use sand for bearded dragons. I am using them for an example because thats where it is discussed most often. I just do not see why it is necessary to take the risks, when there are safer, better alternatives. I don't see why you would want to go through all the work to maintain proper humidity in an aquarium when you could easily fix the problem and hold steady humidity levels in a rubbermaid. This one may also be argued against in certain cases, however for the most part why house snakes together? Because we can't afford separate enclosures? I do not see why it is necessary to butcher an animal so some loser can act like a tough guy because he can freehandle.

With live feedings, however, I do believe there are cliques, and what not. Basically, what I find is that people see live feeding labelled as BAD and jump on the bandwagon and go posting in every thread ' DO NOT FEED LIVE. ' Through my experience and knowledge, I have determined that live feeding is sometimes necessary, however I see no reason to feed live if the snake in question takes f/t without any questions. I approach husbandry for whats best for the snake, and put my needs last, or in some cases my needs are not tended to whatsoever. If I can't afford to give the snake ANYTHING and EVERYTHING it needs, I don't get him. It is not a question of taking shortcuts. You either do it properly, and to the best of your ability, or not at all. I also approach husbandry by taking as few risks as I possibly can. I pose these questions:

Why keep a reptile on sand? Is it really necessary? This is absent of the exceptions which need sand to live properly (eg. Israli Sand Geckos, Sand Boas, etc.). Bearded dragons in no way require sand to live, and it does more worse then good IMO.

Why feed live? Is it really worth taking the risk of your snake getting bit? This is with the exception of problem feeders. But aside from them, I ask why?

Why butcher a snake? I see no reason, for the snakes well being, to make a venomoid. In captive husbandry, the needs of us, the keepers, should (in most cases) be ignored. It is the animal that matters, not what we want.

Not as importantly, yet still valid: why keep a snake in an aquarium? The ONLY reason I see is so that we can set up an enclosure that appeals to us. Why do that when you can maintain proper and steady humidity and control temperatures more readily, regularly and accurately in a rubbermaid?

Why house snakes together? They are solitary animals, you risk transfering disease, etc. There are hundreds of reasons not to. So why do it?

Ask yourselves these questions. I guarantee you the answers to EACH and EVERY one relies on what WE want. What WE want should not mean a damn thing, the reptiles needs and wellbeing comes before ANYTHING. That is the way husbandry should be approached. Think about that.

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