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I'm not about to pretend I have the answer to this debate but I must admit that I have noticed that certain things are fashionable or popular here, while other practices are sure to get you a long lecture from a series of over-enthusiastic posters that are simply bursting with righteous indignation.

Anyone who doesn't believe that this site isn't a strange reptilian microcosm that includes everything any group of highschool kids has (cliques, the "cool kids", losers, foreigners and freaks...etc.) should try bringing up live feedings, housing snakes together, keeping a BP in an aquarium, venomoids, sand substrate... and I guess we can add the topic of this thread to that list too. There is a tendancy for people to find something that seems to work and then swear it's the only way.

I don't get why we can't just share our experiences with eachother and take advice when we like it and leave it when we don't instead of shitting on someone when we don't agree with the way they do something.
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