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LOL this thread is getting pretty hectic Who'da thought tempers would flare so much over how to heat snakes?

One thing I wanted to comment on, is that using temperament to guage the animals health is not by any means ideal. Often sick snakes, or snakes that are below their temperature needs are very calm and "relaxed". Even when animals are being kept suffificiently enough to successfully breed, when exposed to optimum conditions (such as monitors in the sun), may even appear high strung and full of beans Aggression can be indicative of both superior and inferior health, as well as lack there of.

Originally posted by mild
Although i may be a noob with 11 post...

...If a well known breeder or a high poster on these forums comes along and says they do something one way it seems every other way is wrong and your considered a noob for trying something new.
Being newbie has nothing to do with how many number of posts you make, even someone who has never kept an animal in their life could end up having a whole lot of posts, it doesn't make them a credible source however

There are a lot of tried and true methods, and there is nothing wrong with trying something new, after all, nobody knows everything there is to know about snakes. Some thing speople want to try however, are obviously not for the better, I am not saying this in application to any of this discussion. Also, without the necessary experience themselves, with great success in keeping this, one cannot say that this way or that is the best way. Basing something on the animal just being kept at certain conditions is also not proof that it is optimum, if that animals is successfully bred then it provides a better base for arguement.
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