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Gino, you are still dodging the point. You say my snakes are not healthy, are not thriving, and that the proof I've offered means nothing. So there is no debate. You have yet to PROVE that my snakes are being kept in a way that is uncomfortable, and you have also yet to answer my question - what signs would be present if a snake WAS content with its surroundings? What signs would be there if it wasn't? Can YOU prove that YOUR snakes are in perfect health and are thriving? No? Didn't think so. So until you can PROVE that my snakes are being kept wrong, don't criticize me for doing things differently than you.

Jeff - I don't have theories about why they don't post here. I have conversations. Not all of them have said the same thing, but some have said exactly what I have quoted. But that is an entire side issue now that should be dropped - I am a man of honor, and when I tell someone their name will not be brought up, it will not be brought up. Not here, not in PM, NOWHERE. Again, bottom line - you want proof? Fine. PROVE to me that snakes are somehow harmed by keeping them at a constant temp.
- Ken LePage
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