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What I think is SO pathetic is that A) People think it's absolutely inconceivable that a n00b might know a thing or two, and that maybe, just MAYBE has a proven method of snake care that is yet to yield any negative effects whatsoever.
Quite irrelevant in this case (MY opinion, don't spazzz) as the LENGTH of time you've been keeping them and the number that you keep, statistically, you could have easily avoided any problems. Easily. But add a decade to your keeping time, add 100 animals and 12 more species, and THEN you might see what we're talking about.

Also, I can live in jail for 30 years with water and bred etc etc etc, but what is my quality of life? Just because your snake can liv without a regurge and doesn't bite when you grab it, does not make your husbandry A-1. Ha ha, not sure why you think it does. We are keeping animals in tiny fragments of space. These animals come from areas where there are literally hundreds of microhabitats and they have a myriad of chioces for thermoregulation. And thermoregulation is but ONE tiny part of their life history! I think it would behoove us as keeper to at least somewhat try and mimic what CONDITIONS temperature and humidity-wise these animals have evolved for thousands of years to cope with. I can breed dogs in 8x4x4 wooded tanks and have them not regurge and breed and have babies just fine. But I wouldn't do it. I realize that just because it doesn't regurge or breeds normally, doesn't necessarily mean I'm doing the best for the animal. And isn't that what we really want?

I sure hope it is.
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