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Another thing... if you took a list of the top 5 breeders in Canada, and say, the top 20 breeders in the states, I guarantee you 80% of them do not post here, do not get involved in husbandry debates, and do not give a damn what Jeff Favelle, Gino, or anyone else thinks about husbandry. The reason why they don't post here is because they, like me, think it's pathetic how just because ONE method is proven to work, people think it's the ONLY method that will work
No Ken, sorry, that is NOT the reason big breeders don't post here (or on Queensnake). Not sure where you get your info from, but phone the Big 5 and ask them why they avoid public forums. If even ONE of them tells you its because of the overwhelming support for a single husbandry method, I'll not only eat my hat, but I will eat your underwear for dessert. LOL! Where you come up with these theories as to why the big breeders don't post is beyond me man! Ha ha.
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