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I am fed up with debating with people who are not interested in the proof that I have
Wheres the proof? My proof is that reptiles have been thriving for millions of years. Need I provide more?

Gino, your little retort was exactly as pathetic as I expected it to be. No, my snakes aren't dead yet. But you still haven't answered my challenge.
LOL! My retort is pathetic? How about instead of stating facts, you quote secret hobbyists and accuse me of sucking up to Jeff. You have quite the retort yourself! What is your challenge? I will be glad to answer to it.

"Well you haven't done it YOURSELF (even though I have) and you've only been keeping for a year (ho hum, ho hum... yes, it's true. I'm a n00b, I know nothing. So I reference the fact that I do know other people who have done it for 20 years, and THAT's not good enough either, ho hum, ho hum... even others say they know people who have done it, but THAT's not good enough either, blah blah blah F*CKING BLAH.)
Who is saying that? Who has said you haven't done it yourself or that YOU specifically have only kept reptiles for a year and that reflects on your knowledge?

I also do not believe anyone is accusing you of lying. We would just like to see these people who you stand by so closely, along with their success.

See points A through F above which prove that my snakes are more than just alive.
Ok. Well then lets review points A through F then. For this whole thing, I am going to use a specific experience for an example. A while back, when I first got into bearded dragons, I kept them lacking UVB/UVA light, and supplemented with calcium instead. I still have this bearded dragon in particular. He is still alive. He is still moving. He isn't turning into a vicious beast on me, etc. Now, to your points.

A) are not dead yet

Whoopie? I am not even going to bother with that point, because as I am sure you can admit to that attests nothing, or hardely anything valuable. Put it at that.

B) have good temperaments, and let's pick up on the things that you conveniently left out of your retort

That too means nothing. I went to a pet store today to see a Mali Uromastyx as thin as two quarters and on its death bed. Needless to say, he had a good temperament. Didn't try to bite me, etc. Next, I saw a corn snake on its death bed. It was kept on sand, too, to say the least in regards to its bad husbandry. I asked to take this guy out for further examination. Needless to say, he did not attack me, and was quite docile. This too means absolutely nothing to me. Good health and temperament are not in any way correllated. There are a few cases in which it may be, but with the animals in question, for the most part, means nothing.

C) eat like pigs

For this, for conveiniences sake, I will make a reference to the bearded dragon I mentioned. He too was eating like a pig. Typical bearded dragon. Needless to say it took a while to see things go wrong.

D) digest and poop like clockwork

This too means nothing. I will make a reference to something that JUST happened, that I just found out about. A friend of mine has a pair of leopard geckos. I fed them, and saw first hand fecal matter in the enclosure. I just found out that the heat pad on the enclosure was never used. He didn't think he needed to. Sure, these aren't snakes, but I think it makes a valid point. Not to mention, you aren't heating your room to 50 F. There is heat to allow them to digest. Properly? Who knows.

E) Shed like clockwork

I do not see how this reflects suitable husbandry. Maybe you will clarify.

F) Show no signs whatsoever of malcontent (Gee, that's a lot more than 3 points to back up my stance, isn't it?).....

Great, thats wonderful. Again, do you have a degree in reptile psychology or something? Just because you can not visually see any ill effects, it does not mean they are perfectly healthy, nor does it mean they are slowly sickening.

Well, there goes your A-F. As I said, the fact that snakes have bred and are living means jack ****.

To make sure you do not forget anything here, I would like to know a few things. First, how in the hell was my post or posts retortful in any way? Next, how does shedding reflect health? Despite what you think of me, or what we debate here, I think your an overall good guy. Just wanted to make that clear. I just do not agree with you tagging along with things because they 'worked' for someone else, and as far as you can see are 'working' for you. I will once again repeat a few things. The fact that snakes are living and breed in no way reflects their well being. And again, I could live off eating lettuce, doesn't mean it is good for me nor am I in the best position health wise.

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