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See points A through F above which prove that my snakes are more than just alive. And if you think me saying that you are reading my posts with your eyes crossed was an insult, I apologize. It was not intended as such, but read into it what you will.

And I don't drop out of these debates for the reasons you listed. I bow out because I'm bored with proving my points over and over again, only to have people say "Well you haven't done it YOURSELF (even though I have) and you've only been keeping for a year (ho hum, ho hum... yes, it's true. I'm a n00b, I know nothing. So I reference the fact that I do know other people who have done it for 20 years, and THAT's not good enough either, ho hum, ho hum... even others say they know people who have done it, but THAT's not good enough either, blah blah blah F*CKING BLAH.)

BOTTOM LINE: I am fed up with debating with people who are not interested in the proof that I have, who are not interested in learning what others have done, and who seem to get a kick out of berating people who dare to do things differently, and DEMAND proof, even though they have NONE of their own to offer. I didn't ask you to prove to me that Jeff's method works, because, for about the HUNDREDTH G*D DAMN TIME, MARISA... I'm not questioning that his method works! But you seem to be big on proof, so why don't you, and Jeff, and Gino, in all of your divine knowledge, prove to me that MY method is HARMFUL. Why? You can't, that's why. So instead, you resport to the whole newbie thing. And you say I'm being being childish?
- Ken LePage
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