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Holy smokes, Ken. <b>CHILL OUT!</b> You're going to give yourself a heart attack!

A few things I read in your posts kind of make me wonder.

- How does a snake's temperament have anything to do with it's quality of life? Ever kept an ATB?

- If your snakes who are given a heat gradient don't come off it, maybe it's not hot enough or maybe your cool side is too cool.

- You always ask for such concrete proof, yet offer none to validate your points.

- You've got to admit that it does sound fishy that these "Top breeders who never post" that you talk to always come into the big heated debates. I'm not saying that they don't exist, but you've got to be able to relate to how it might look from the outside and you can't blame anyone for doubting you.

- Your big thing in the "heat lamp brb" debate was that in nature, the sun is a big heat lamp. Why the sudden defiance of nature's way? In nature it gets hot, it gets cold. Snakes seek the sun, snakes seek the shade. See what I'm saying?

- Try not to be so harsh. It turns what could be an informative debate into an idiotic string of retorts and insults.

Now, everyone take a deep breath, put on a good cd and go feed your animals.
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