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I wanted you to show me your personal evidence that it has worked for you. Jeff showed me his. His photos, pythons and boas and his sales of healthy happy snakes. You have shown living snakes. Which is wonderful. That's what I have shown. But over the two of you I am taking the person who has raised generations of babies with a method.

You showing me someone else eivdence doesn't work. What am I supposed to do? Just believe what someone else who I dont even know told you?

Not likely. Which is why if I MYSELF proved it, or saw with my own eyes someone else having at least a couple back to back years of success, then I would also say its another great way. But I haven't. I have only seen that from people who use gradients.

Relax. The forum is FOR debate. You seem to think you are above it all though. Jeff has always been willing to debate with constantly call him an elitist and refuse to continue once you feel he won't agree with you or someone else agrees with him.

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