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Marisa, start reading my posts with your eyes uncrossed please. I HAVE employed the heated room method, and it works. The reason why I have employed this method for SOME of my herps (Not all) is because others have done it with great success. I have also employed the gradient method, and that also works. I never once suggested or insinuated that it doesn't work.

You want concerete evidence, Marisa? That's great. SO DO I. But no one here can prove me wrong with any kind of concrete evidence, so instead, they resort to "Well you've only been keeping for a year, so you know ****." Gino, your little retort was exactly as pathetic as I expected it to be. No, my snakes aren't dead yet. But you still haven't answered my challenge.

PROVE TO ME, since concrete evidence seems to be a big thing here, that YOUR snakes who are kept at a gradient are somehow healthier, happier, or better off than mine who are kept at a constant temperature. Go ahead. Prove it. Since you are the undisputed expert on snake husbandry in general, and since the fact my snakes A) are not dead yet B) have good temperaments, and let's pick up on the things that you conveniently left out of your retort, C) eat like pigs D) digest and poop like clockwork, E) Shed like clockwork, F) Show no signs whatsoever of malcontent (Gee, that's a lot more than 3 points to back up my stance, isn't it?)..... so go ahead. Enlighten me, almighty one. What other signs should I look for that prove that my method of keeping a few of my snakes is harmful to them? And by the way, you better have some concrete proof, or I will continue laughing my arse off at your pathetic hypocritical responses.

JoshM - Same goes for you. You think my husbandry is wrong? Fine. PROVE IT.

Jeff H - Thank you. I'm sure you also know people who have been instrumental in the reptile community who have better things to do than debate husbandry with people who think there is only ONE way to do things.
- Ken LePage
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