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OMG! Whatever you are WAY too much for me.

You have 1 year? Did I even mention that? What I MEANT was to show an person doing something with say 15 years experience and another person telling you something else who has only one year, I could have said two years, or three to illustrate that point, which was if someone has proven something themselves then I am taking their advice over someone who is just passing off information. The fact you are taking it personally is just SILLY! It had nothing to do with you or your year. Why would I bring that up when I have only been keeping snakes for just coming up four years myself, and I havent bred pythons either? I am on your level RIGHT NOW! Me telling you that your experience isn't enough is me saying that abuot myself at the same time. Which would be stupid. But o.k. take things however you want.

Much the same way the rest of this debate has nothing to do with anyone PERSONALLY. My post was full of questions and CLEARLY stated if I MYSELF used a no gradient method for python breeding, I would also tell others it can work. You blow your top, tell me I have thrown a number in your face.

No offense AGAIN but you come into the thread, pass information off (it maybe 100% legit and true, or 100% wrong) without putting it in practice yourself and bringing up breeders no one else on the forum knows anything about who also refuse to come public with this information themselves, and then get upset with others who have put information in practice...when they disagree and question who you are getting this conflicting info from so they themselves might be able to ask them questions or see why its wrong or right. So you tihnk you are right, thats great! maybe you are! But why are you getting so insanely defensive and personal?

What bandwagon? There aren't a million ways to care for animals properly. Many people have come up with new theorys, thrown them into practice and have had them fail. Is it wrong to question your theory of keeping pythons without a gradient? How is doing what has been proven sucessful for years "getting on bandwagon"? It's doing what has been proven to be successful. Your theory and ideas may be right as well, but that doesnt mean because we dont agree we are brainwashed. That's as insulting as me saying you only do things the way you do because you have little experience. Which I clearly did not.

I am also done with this. If one cannot have a simple debate and state they prefer information that is tried, tested, and proven effective by someone willing to talk on the forums, share info, maybe some pics year afer year, then why even bother. All we did was ask you for some more concrete evidence.

P.S. And FYI...instead of acting like me and other people are in some sort of badnwagon with Jeff Favelle, you should know I have no personal contact with Jeff Favelle, I have pm'd him two ball python questions in the last two years, and I have no personal reason for agreeing with his position in any way. So please stop gruoping me in just because his husbandry is similar to my own.

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