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LMAO! Sucking up to Jeff? If anything, he is sucking up to me, because I stated my position on this before he did. And I HIGHLY doubt Jeff is sucking up to me, because who the hell am I? If that is your way of excusing things then so be it.

Now, I have lots to say. Seen as I already have this pasted, I will start here:

I am fed up with bandwagon jumping, assumptions, and my lack of reptile KEEPING experience being used as a weapon when I try to say, "Hey, your way is great, but there are other ways that are proven too."
Jumping bandwagons, assumptions - you are fed up with this? Well you must be quite fed up with yourself then! Not only do you assume I am sucking up to Jeff, because he happens to maintain a name in this industry, but you endlessly make assumptions on your animals. You, CONTINUOUSLY, assume that your animals are perfect because A.) They are not dead yet, B.) They maintain a decent temperament and C.) Other people do it. Frankly, I see no proof that these methods are proven. I can live, and reproduce, by eating lettuce all of my life. Does that mean its ok? Or healthy for me to do so?

Now I know what you are going to say, 'prove that my position, providing a gradient, is successful and the way to go'. That is simple; the proof is in the pudding: Mother Nature. Do not give me any of that jumping the bandwagon BS, because I do not see where anyone is jumping the bandwagon.

Now as far as these people who keep their snakes without a gradient? All I have to say is that they obviously have something to hide if they do not want to share their husbandry methods. They OBVIOUSLY think there is something wrong with what they are doing. This hobby is a community; we learn and gain information off each other. We learn from each others mistakes, and success. I am curious as to why, if their methods are so successful, they are hiding their names and their findings on captive husbandry?

It is also unfortunate that you 'don't give a damn' what other people think. It is pretty hard to learn with such arrogance. I mean we all make mistakes, and we are all wrong at times. It seems to me that you don't like being wrong, and whatever you think is right. Talk about making assumptions.

Now once more, back to the Jeff thing. There is a huge difference between sucking up, and respecting someone for their success and knowledge. Believe it or not, I have learned a lot from Jeff, but his thoughts have nothing to do with my opinion on this topic.

Also, when you have some free time, I would like for you to share your knowledge on snake psychology. You seem to be able to read their minds and thoughts quite a bit, the whole herp community would kill for this capability!
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