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Sorry "dude", but I will not chill. People who come here to "learn" something have two choices - either jump on the bandwagon of popular opinions here, or get called down for being a moron. Learning means observing the different ways things are done, and trying them to find out what works best for you... not calling someone down for being a n00b, even though they also have a proven method.

Back in the days of Sigmund Freud, there was another psychologist named Willhelm Reich. He had a WAY different means of thinking. His ideas, at the time, were frowned upon and even shunned by the psychology community because Sigmund's ideas were what were considered RIGHT at the time. Decades later, people started to realize that Reich had a LOT of knowledge to contribute, and in some cases was even more right than Freud. Unfortunately, by this time, Reich had long since died. Now, there is an entire method of therapy based solely around Reich's texts called Gestalt therapy. It's a little out there, and it's a little different... but it DOES WORK.

Apply that to this conversation, and you'll see why I will NOT "chill" as long as I'm basically being accused of making things up just for the sake of being right.
- Ken LePage
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