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All I'm going to say is this: No, I do not have adult pythons ovulating. I'm not denying that they seek cooler temps when they are ovulating.

Another thing... if you took a list of the top 5 breeders in Canada, and say, the top 20 breeders in the states, I guarantee you 80% of them do not post here, do not get involved in husbandry debates, and do not give a damn what Jeff Favelle, Gino, or anyone else thinks about husbandry. The reason why they don't post here is because they, like me, think it's pathetic how just because ONE method is proven to work, people think it's the ONLY method that will work.

I'm throwing my arms in the air for this debate. What I think is SO pathetic is that A) People think it's absolutely inconceivable that a n00b might know a thing or two, and that maybe, just MAYBE has a proven method of snake care that is yet to yield any negative effects whatsoever. And B) That you people seem to think that I would mention these "mystery breeders" just so that I could be right, and prove everyone else wrong. I have a certain finger reserved for anyone here who thinks that. If I say that I've been talking to very high profile breeders since I got into this hobby, and they have specifically asked me not to mention them with husbandry debates because they don't subscribe to the same practises as everyone else, it's because I've talked to high profile breeders who have specifically asked not to be mentioned. It's not because I'm trying to win a debate with no substance. It's because whenever I try anything new or different, I seek opinions of people who I respect, who have a proven track record, and who happen to have different methods than some of you might have. If they tell me it's a bad practice, I DON'T DO IT. If they tell me they have had success with the same method, I take their word for it.

What is UNCALLED FOR here Marisa, is your throwing my 1 year of experience in my face, the assumptions that you, Jeff, and Gino are making about the means by which I debate points, and the implication that I somehow make up a secret network of breeders just so that I can be right. If I was practising bad husbandry, I would change it in a second. But through the correspondence I've had with some top notch reptile keepers, I've chosen what I feel works best for me and my animals for the time being.

So if you want to insinuate that I'm practicing bad husbandry and making things up, take it to a PM so I can freely tell you where you can shove your assumptions. THIS is why the breeders I talk to don't participate in these debates - the last few posts are case in point. Even if they did post here, people would probably still say "Well, you've only bred TWO generations, so you don't know what you're talking about", or "Well, you've only been keeping them X number of years, so you don't know what you're talking about!"

I apologize for the harshness of this response, and I'm sure Jeff is going to have something condescending and sarcastic to say about it, but frankly, I don't give a rat's a$$ anymore. I'm fed up with bandwagon jumping, assumptions, and my lack of reptile KEEPING experience being used as a weapon when I try to say "Hey, your way is great, but there are other ways that are proven too." Of course I don't have the honor of being able to say that I've done this for 20 years. So I have to rely on information I've obtained from people who HAVE. Unfortunately, they have asked me not to ever mention them. That sucks for me. So I'm bowing out of this horsesh!t, just as they have. Believe what you want about me. After all, I'm just a newbie right? What the hell would I know?
- Ken LePage
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