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On the snake sausage. I have a cousin in california that is a manager of a pet shop (he absolutely LOVES, and ADORES animals) and he said that he has had snakes come in that has had snake sausages before. They end up getting really bad bacterial infections because the casing of the snake sausage is so tough to digest that by the time they digest the case the food inside the case is rotted. So they no longer use the snake sauseages and he says that he doesn't even know of anywhere that even sells them anymore.


He lives in california and is in a Group that works with the ASPCA, wild life rehabilitation, and another up there group going around telling the "big chain pet stores" (the ones we are not to mention here) to fix things like cleaning up, putting proper heating on reptiles, putting proper toys in with the birds/rats/ferrets,mice/rats get my point.

And at one time this group had about 30 of these store in SanFrancisco shut down for about 3 days because they refused to update and take care of their animals!
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