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From what i have read on this thread if one of these breeders did come forward and share some info as to how they use a heated room with success the onlything they would get in responce is *thats bad husbandry*

Some people are just to stuck on what they belive and wont change there mind about anything even if proven. It's been proven that a ball python for instance can live its intire life on mice but that still doesnt stop people from feeding rats.

The reason for this thread was to know if snakes could live with a gradient temp and nothing eles. Not to know if they could breed. I know for a fact many coulbrids can and do live in normal room temps with no other heat source and thrive. Breeding is a whole nother subject.

Keeping pythons alive and eating well with nothing but a gradient temp has been proven for me as my friend has done this quite some time. The real questions is whats your definition of proven? Sure, anyone can come on here and say they use nothing but a heated room with no problems but that doesnt prove a thing. seeing it first hand is the only way to know for sure so if anyone wants to know this such as giNo then why dont you experiment on your own before you try and stand your ground on something you have not seen nor done first hand.
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