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good point there daver676 I think there is actual nutriance found in the Rats organs and bones and brain abd thing like that lets not forget frozen meat at the super market is full of preservatives and stuff. Now mind you I was working at a zoo and I was preparing choped stake for some monitors and baby crocodilians.

(it was meat week for them. We did one week meat one week rodents one week insects and one week off.)

any way I fed all of the crocodilians and varaninds and I hade somthing like 2 small bowls left and the rest were full and I hate wasting food. well I hade 2 eastern indigos with a killer feeding responce I put the bowls in the next morning there was nothing to be found I only did that 2 other times then I realised there were preservatives in the meat but they did eat it.

Also My friend works in a meat shop and told me not to feed it to animals because of the dye the put in the meat to make it look fresh if you don't know what I mean go buy a 4Lbs of hamberg meat and split it in half you will see the red then all of a suden brown and you ask your self is it still good meat yes it is they just put the dye there to get you to buy it right away.
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